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Product 1


We do product design.
We take an intuitive approach and view intuition as a valuable tool for design and developing products with strong aesthetic and form values that combine new technology with deeply rooted knowledge about craftsmanship, materials and simple design solutions.
This is why we state: ’Product development is about nailing the krusedulle’.
To Rikke Hagen all design steps out from the inspiration of a ’krusedulle’ literally in Danish being the very first quirky or abstract idea put on paper in an intuitive sketch.


Since the very start we have been devoted to aesthetics, form, tactility and sensing of materials designing products and items as both one-off art pieces, in small series and for big scale production in materials such as glass, ceramics, concrete, wood, cork, seaweed, steel and aluminum.
We strive to do products that will add value and contribute to the global world of design.

For more than 25 years Rikke Hagen has been developing design for a number of established Danish design brands, incl. Holmegaard, Normann Copenhagen, Kähler Design, Georg Jensen, Georg Jensen Damask, and Icons of Denmark. 

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