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"We love to have 'hands on' in the production. Find new ways and implement and combine new ideas with old manufacturing process"


Pushing design from blank paper and raw material into big scale production takes bold action – and loads of experience. The challenges and pitfalls are endlessly in the processes getting the design ready for production. It’s a daring act, when you are getting ready topress the button, “ON”.

This is why we state: ’Product development is about nailing the krusedulle’.

(’Krusedulle’ in Danish literally being the very first abstract idea put on paper in the intuitive sketch).

Grounded in the long tradition of Danish craftsmanship and small-scale series our core competence is the capability to guide processes through the phases of idea and design development to the actual production stage without losing tactility and presence in the design.

We strive to combine the deep-rooted knowledge of crafts and materials with new technologies and straight forward solutions in the production. Hence, cross-disciplinary collaborations driven by a well-defined design strategy play an essential role in our work.
We have been guiding production planning in Denmark, Asia and Southern Europe as part of big scale production of our own designs as well as supporting product development for other brands.

Our experience includes product development and planning for industrial production of designs from various materials incl. glass, ceramics, wood, aluminium, and cork.

We offer to guide processes of product development from the very early phases of ideas and designs through to product development and the actual production stage.

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