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We are passionated about aesthetics, crafts, designed items, tableware and great books. So we want to rouse your senses day to day presenting exquisite tactility, materials, shape and colors.


We have opened our little analogue universe HAGEN Shop in the our downtown neighborhood of Tisvildeleje, 60 km north of Copenhagen. Here we have put together and are enjoying our own selection of ’the best of the best’ from esteemed colleagues, high end brands and our own series.


And seasoned it with a touch of Japanese aesthetics, Nordic spirit and analogue presence.

Do we have a webshop? No we don’t.

We do not have a webshop because we trust that many of the items we present deserves to be touched, experienced and listened to. The story behind – or beneath the items is as valuable to the creation as the object itself.


It is what makes it’s presence to us. So, we go against the flow in a time for online sales and invite you to join in for the analogue presence in our beautiful seaside village where the sea, the beach and the woods join

us and our little shop.


In case you have paid special attention to any our items in the shop – and couldn’t forget about it – or you coincidentally noticed some nice stuff on Insta hagen_tisvilde don’t hesitate to reach out.

We will be happy to present you to the chosen one.

Do drop by Tisvildeleje.


We love it here.

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