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A Mash-up

"When the sun illuminates the construction and makes dancing shadow images on the surrounding surfaces".

A Mash-up, pavilion

Our studio was asked to develop a concept design for a simple versatile summer pavilion for the Business Association in Tisvildeleje.

Inspired by the Japanese aesthetics and wooden constructions (carpentry) - Nordic coolness and local coziness by the sea - we developed a simple construction that created a versatile pavilion that suits and supports the local business life, whether used as shade for sun or shower of summer- raindrops when conducting local events.


With an easy-to-build trellis construction in wood which visually creates beautiful shadow images when the sun illuminates the construction on the street and surrounding surfaces and with the use of textile sails, the construction can be more or less closed. We chose to utilize existing concrete traffic blocks and integrate them in the design solution. 


The pavilion is designed and developed at the request of Erhvervsforeningen Tisvildeleje.

Sketch drawing of pavilion
Summer pavilion
Drawing of existing concrete base
Summer pavillon
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