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design manual for CASCINA NIELSEN

Visual design

Inspired by Piemonte, Italy and the local neighborhood by the newly started winery, Cascina Nielsen, HAGEN ETC. have developed a design manual for the winehouse.


The winery itself, the landscape, the wine yards, the arts and architecture

in the region all come together into a distinct and contemporary visual identity. 


The design manual includes illustrations, monograms, color-palette, fonds and layout etc. supporting and creating the visual identity in the future for Cascina Nielsen.

20201112_Cascina Nielsen_FRONT 120x90 CMYK_converted
Nostra Figlia, no 2.
1 Primogènito, Dolcetto,Cascina Nielsen
Monogram, Cascina Nielsen
Inspiration for den designmanual
Inspiration for den designmanual
On the shelf
Inspiration / Asker Jorn / Winebottle
Color Nostra Figlia, no 2.
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