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Orla Wall by Rikke Hagen is a wall mounted lamp made from oak and casted porcelain.


The lamp is designed on inspiration from an old simple workbench lamp that Rikke Hagen knew from her grandfather’s carpentry workshop.

Her grandfather’s name was Orla.

The original workbench lamp was simply joint from two sticks and a lightbulb. Rikke Hagen has kept the original function and simplicity, yet elegantly modernized the lamp with the cast porcelain lamp shade adding the sophisticated fragility to the rugged workbench wooden arm


Orla Hang was later introduced in the series as a bigger pendel lamp in cast porcelain.


The Orla’s are examples of how we work in HAGEN ETC. from the idea sprung, the design matured, the product development, the coordination of production parts to final production flow and assembly at the manufacturing site.


The Orla’s was produced in Portugal.

The Orla’s has been a part of the collection of

Orla Wall was selected to be part of the Danish Crafts Collection in 2015.

Big Orla production
Orla produktion
ORLA Big Produktion
portugal 2
portugal 4
portugal 3
portugal 5
portugal 6
portugal 1

Client -BOLIA

Material - OAK & STONEWARE

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