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lounge chair




Photographer - Chris Tonnesen

Client - FDB Moebler

Makeup - Nastia Wolf

Introducing Bark, a sustainable lounge chair designed by Hagen. Crafted from the bark of the Cork Oak Tree, native to Portugal, Bark stands out as a groundbreaking solution in the realm of eco-friendly furniture materials.

This lounge chair's design places sustainability at its core, with the bark harvested every 9 years to protect and regenerate ecosystems. The unique cork surface, known for its tactile feel and natural heat resistance, adds a distinctive aesthetic to office interiors.

The assembly is straightforward, with two cork shells attached to a steel frame and detachable cushions. The recyclable cork and steel elements contribute to a circular lifecycle for the product.

Originally developed for an exhibition at a furniture fair in Stockholm with danishdesignmakeres, Bark is now part of the Icons of Denmark collection, seamlessly blending sustainability and modern design. Explore this unique lounge chair and experience the harmony between style and responsibility.

"My approach to designing is to find simple, obvious yet poetic solutions. I get inspired by the world – people, nature, art, thought leaders, new technology, and new materials. I’m looking for knowledge in and of the world around me. My curiosity is my tool for designing. I’m always on the hunt, and I don’t just have one focus. I’m a radar".

Interview made for Icons of Denmark

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